Pediocactus bradyi (Engelmann) L. Benson ssp.bradyi

Cact. & Succt. J. (US) 34:19, 1962.

Marble Canyon Cactus

Type: the type specimen was found by L.& E. Benson in the vicinity of the Marble Canyon along the Colorado River, Arizona, at 1,200m altitude, POM Nr. 16807.
Isotype in the Desert Botanical Garden, Tempe, Arizona.


Toumeya bradyi (L. Benson) Earle Cacti of the Southwest, ed. 2, 97, 1963.

Other representative material studied.

Arizona:fh 055, Marble Canyon, 1,050m,
fh 055.0, Ten Mile Rock, 1,300m,
fh 055.1, Coconino Co.

Pediocactus bradyi ssp.bradyi

Pediocactus bradyi ssp bradyi, fh 055, Marble Canyon, 1,050m.