Pediocactus nigrispinus (Hochstätter) Hochstätter ssp.nigrispinus

Succulenta, Netherlands, 71(3):99-106, 1992.

Columbia River Basin Cactus

Basionym: Pediocactus simpsonii (Engelmann) Britton & Rose var. nigrispina Marshall nom. inval. Marshall & Bock, Cactaceae, 140, 1941.

Type: Watson of 1868 in Herb.Mo.Bot.Gard., from the Humboldt Mountains of Nevada, Pershing Co. Lectotype: (Benson loc.cit.): "Mountains of Nevada, 8,000-10,000 alt., from Run River eastward to the Humboldt Mountains. No.IV, Sereno Watson, of Kingīs Party, 40o lat., Mo." Note: on the basis of current knowledge, itīs clear that the type locality given is for 2 separate species. Therfore, Hochstätter deposited a new Holotype: Wallowa Mountains, NE Oregon, fieldnumber fh15, 20. July 1990, HGB.


Pediocactus simpsonii var.robustior (Engelmann) L. Benson Cact. & Succt J.(US) 32:19, 1962.
Pediocactus robustior (Engelmann) Arp, Cact. & Succt. J. (US) 44:222, 1972.

Other representative material studied.

Idaho:fh 9.5, Soldier Meadow Reservoir, 1,360m.
Oregon:fh 10, Ashwood, 800m,
fh 10.0, Jefferson Co., 750m,
fh 11, Ashwood area, 850m,
fh 12, Trout Creek, 750m,
fh 13, Jefferson Co., 900m,
fh 14, Wheeler Co., 400m,
fh 15, (type), Wallowah Mts., 900m,
fh 16, Wheeler Co., 400m,
fh 17, Priday Ranch, 700m,
fh 18, Baghwan area, 800 m,
fh 18.1, Big Muddy Ranch, 1,000m,
fh 18.2, Willow Creek area,
fh19, Willow Creek, 1,000 m.
Washington:fh 50.0, Ellensburg, 650m,
fh 51.0, w Ellensburg, 600m,
fh 51.0.1, Vantage, 600m,
fh 52.0, Quinzi, 650m,
fh 53.0, n Quinzi, 550m,
fh 54.0, Grant Co., 650m,
fh 55.0, Grant Co., 750m,
fh 55.0.1, Kittitas Co., 600m,
fh 58.0 Ephrata, 650m,
fh 59.0, Yakima Co., 700m,
fh 59.0.1, Moxee City, 750m,
fh 59.0.2, Seelah Creek, 950m,
fh 59.0.3, fh 59.0.4, Colockum, 700m,

fh 59.0.6, Colockum, 1,000m,
fh 59.0.7, Wyatt Ranch, 800m,
fh 59.0.8, Blewton Hill, 730m,
fh 59.0.9, West Bar, 260m,
fh 59.1.0, Moses Coulee, 460 m,
fh 59.1.1, Monument Hill, 870 m.

Pediocactus nigrispinus ssp.nigrispinus

Pediocactus nigrispinus ssp.nigrispinus

Pediocactus nigrispinus ssp.nigrispinus

Pediocactus nigrispinus ssp.nigrispinus, fh 59.0.5, Columbia River, 450 m.