Sclerocactus spinosior (Engelmann) Woodruff & L. Benson ssp.spinosior

Cact. & Succt. J. (US) 48:131, 1976.

Sagebrush Cactus

Lectotype: (Benson, Cact. & Succt. J. (US) 38:104-105, 1966):
Engelmann, July, 29 1859. On one sheet there are two labels in pencil, these pertaining to the flower remains and seeds obtained by Engelmann from the plants. The seed packet is labelled clearly, ' 1859', and this agrees with one label (pencil) is dated, 'October 24, 58', but it does not apply clearly to anything and it bears the same data. (Both sheets) taken to be of the collection of July 29, 1859 almost certainly the only one", MO.
Topotypes: L & E. L. Benson 16255, Pom,16606, Pom.


Echinocactus whipplei (Engelmann & Bigelow) var. spinosior Engelmann, Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis 2:199, 1863.
Echinocactus spinosior Hirscht, Monatsschrift Kakteenkunde, 11:89, 1901.
Echinocactus spinosior Brandegee ex Britton & Rose, Cactaceae, 3:213, 1922 (ex Purpus, Monatsschrift Kakteenkunde, 10:119, 1900. Is incorrect Benson 1982).
Echinocactus whipplei (Engelmann & Bigelow) f. spinosior Schelle, Handbuch Kakteenkultur, 158, 1907.
Sclerocactus whipplei (Engelmann & Bigelow) Britton & Rose var. spinosior Engelmann ex Boissevain & Davidson, Colorado Cacti, 51-52, 1940.
Sclerocactus pubispinus (Engelmann) L. Benson var. spinosior (Engelmann) Welsh, Great Basin Naturalist 44, 52-69, 1984.

Other representative material studied.

Utah:fh 69.8, Escalante Desert, 1,450m,
fh 69.8.0, Beryl, 1,450m,
fh 69.8.1, Lund, 1,450m,
fh 69.8.2, ne Modena, 1,500m,
fh 69.8.3, Minnersville, 1,530m,
fh 69.8.4, n Lund, 1,610m,
fh 69.8.9, Cowboy Pass, 1,630m,
fh 69.9, Confusion Range, 1,500m,
fh 69.9.1, Sigurd, 1,500m,
fh 69.9.2, Salina, 1,500m,
fh, Sania Creek, 1,550 m,
fh, Richfield, 1,350m,
fh 69.9.6, Pine Valley, 1,700m,
fh 69.96.1, San Francisco Mts.,
fh 69.9.7, Wah Wah Mts.,1,850m,
fh 69.9.8, Monroe, 1,450m,
fh 69.9.9, Elsinore, 1,500m,
fh, near Sevier Valley, 1,500m,
fh, Sevier Valley, 1,450m,
fh, Joseph, 1,500m.

Sclerocactus spinosior

Sclerocactus spinosior, fh 69.8.3, Minnersville. 1.530m

Sclerocactus spinosior

Sclerocactus spinosior, fh 69.8.4, ne Lund, UT., 1,610m